US-China nuclear security center in Beijing: A questionable initiative

Washington Times columnist Bill Gertz has just reported that the Obama administration is funding a new US-China “nuclear security center” in Beijing. The ostensible reason for this initiative is to work cooperatively with communist China to prevent nuclear weapons proliferation by supplying China with the necessary equipment, training, and knowledge to secure nuclear weapons facilities.

Unless there is some other reason underlying this project – and there may be a remote possibility that there is – it appears to be a highly dubious and counterproductive enterprise.

Countering the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction is usually not a technical problem. It is first and foremost a political problem. Almost all proliferation occurs because of willful decisions by bad actors to put weapons of mass destruction in the hands of enemies of their enemies.

China views the United States as its main enemy. It has long facilitated the proliferation of nuclear weapons technology to Pakistan, North Korea, and Iran. This policy of deliberate proliferation has been accompanied by Beijing’s own major nuclear weapons buildup, their theft of the secret technology involved in every deployed US nuclear warhead, their concealment of their land-based nuclear arsenal in their astonishing network of underground tunnels, and their recently-publicized plans to target American cities with both ICBMs and submarine-launched ballistic missiles.

Given the US government’s track record of nuclear weapons security cooperation with Russia, which, while contributing to the reduction of Russian nuclear warheads, also subsidized the modernization of the Russian nuclear arsenal, it is not unreasonable to cast a skeptical eye on the new US-China nuclear security project.

American tax dollars may well be going to subsidize Beijing’s nuclear buildup at the expense of US national security.

One thought on “US-China nuclear security center in Beijing: A questionable initiative

  1. Russell L. Blaylock, M.D.

    This is important in that it further confirms the desire of this administration to disarm the United States before its main enemies. I think one can expect that the center will entail more than instructions in nuclear security–possibly even exchange of nuclear technology. This may be a return of the failed notion of the 1940s of sharing nuclear secrets so as to prevent aggression by a superior nuclear USA (acts commonly referred to as treason). With Obama’s strong Marxist/Leninist credentials, one is not surprised by this move. Unfortunately, he is not alone in this thinking, as it is shared by far too many in the Pentagon, Congress and of course the non-elected think tanks, CFR and Trilateral Commission. It is all part of the idea of a New World Order. In order to have a “New World Order” one necessarily must destroy the old order.


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